About Us

 improving nutrition, education, health care and the environment in India and Worldwide

canadians sharing locally and globally

Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally is a Registered Canadian Charity that relieves the effects of poverty by improving nutrition, education, health care and the environment in India and in disaster struck areas around the world.  In India our Medical Programs have several different components that provide basic nutrition, basic needs, medicines, hospital equipment, special needs devices and rural medical outreach programs. Our Educational Programs in India have elements that include grade school scholarships, nursing scholarships, and educational equipment and resources. Our Environmental Programs support reforestation by donating trees to be planted with the 5 Million Tree Program.

Our Worldwide Emergency Disaster Relief Program supports Registered Canadian charitable organizations working on the ground to provide direct aid in disaster struck areas. 

Where Did Our Name Come From?

Locally we share by engaging volunteers and building awareness of the needs and opportunities that can be created to benefit people that do not have equitable access to resources.

Globally we share by engaging volunteers all over the world supporting charitable partners as we carry out medical, educational and disaster relief programs that relieve poverty and create the opportunity for social change.  Many of our programs involve small budgets that have the ability to touch many people. Our programming creates grass roots societal change by supporting one person, one family, one community at a time.

We provide and maintain medical equipment to support existing medical programs at The Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre which address the health needs of the local community.  The Sri Narayani Hospital provides affordable and often free health care to the Vellore District community.  The Sri Sakthi Amma Health Care Trust identifies medical equipment and maintenance needs to Canadians Sharing.  We select and purchase parts and equipment identified as a priority by The Health Care Trust directly from the manufacturer or supplier and have the item shipped directly to to The Sri Narayani Hospital with the warranty. The Hospital arranges the logistics and engages the equipment in existing programs to facilitate the expansion of medical services to meet growing new local demand. 

Charitable Partnerships

Our charitable outreach improves healthcare, education, the environment and provides emergency relief. Our Registered Partner Charities in India help to implement our programs by donating the expertise, the venues, the logistics, the staff support and the documentation for our outreach.  As an example, we donate nutritional support for over five thousand people experiencing hunger and poverty yearly.  Our Registered Indian Charities prepare the raw foodstuffs we donate and distribute the meals to needful rural residents. Another example are the various medicines and medical equipment that we supply to The Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Center near Vellore.  The Hospital provides us with a list of their medical and equipment needs and we try to fill those needs.  

We believe in letting local groups self-determine their needs in health, education, the environment and disaster relief.  Registered Charities in India and Canada share their needs with us. Through Canadians Sharing’s evaluations, we buy the appropriate piece or pieces of equipment and purchase it directly from the manufacturer. Canadians Sharing arranges shipping for the equipment and the hospital arranges for the delivery, installation and warranty requirements for the equipment. Our volunteers confirm the proper installation and operation of the equipment as well as the benefit from the equipment.  We also monitor the use of the equipment on an ongoing basis. 

Join Tens of Thousands of People

Our charitable outreach improves healthcare, education, the environment and provides emergency relief. 

Where do your donations go?

We’re all volunteers at Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally!  Donations for our Indian Programs are invested urgently and impactfully in the purchase of items including food, clothing, vitamins, medicines and medical equipment.  We directly invest in education by donating  scholarships, educational equipment and resources. We directly invest in the environment by purchasing trees, plants and bushes which are planted by charities in India.  Donations for our Worldwide Disaster Relief Programs are invested to support on-the-ground disaster relief efforts as the situation requires.

Canadians Sharing Locally + Globally provides medical, nutritional, educational and environmental outreach in India. As an entirely volunteer-orientated organization with no employees, every donation is invested efficiently and directly into our impactful humanitarian programs.