If you prefer to donate shares or securities, please email us at [email protected] so that we can describe the advantages of this secure method of donating.

We can also help set up a secure simple monthly withdrawal system that will budget your donations and avoid a potential last minute rush at the end of the year for a tax receipt.

We have a good system for E-transfers as well.  Please contact cathy@canadianssharing for our account details.

If you prefer to mail a check your donation will be welcomed at:

Canadians Sharing,
c/o Suite 340, 4723 – 1st St. SW,

Calgary, Alberta T2G 4Y8.

open your hearts with

    Canadians Sharing Locally + Globally provides medical, nutritional, educational and environmental outreach in India. As an entirely volunteer-orientated organization with no employees, every donation is invested efficiently and directly into our impactful humanitarian programs.