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Community Outreach Volunteering at The Shepherds of Good Hope

It was the first day of the New Year in inner-city Ottawa. It was one of the coldest New year’s  day in recent memory. The air temperature was – 27 degrees C . Strong winds made it feel like -38 degrees C.

However the dedicated volunteers from the Seva Group Volunteers, with warm hearts, knew that there was an important job to do and a need to be fulfilled for the less privileged members of our community. They were all there on time, helping preparing and serving food for today’s lunch and sorting clothes or the needy.

About two hundred people enjoyed the delicious vegetarian food today which included soup, roasted potatoes, chilly with salad and assorted desserts.

Many many “THANKS” to every one of you who joined in today helping prepare and serve lunch today as well as sorting clothes for distribution to those in need. Your help is very much appreciated.

The success of this project depends entirely on the dedicated volunteers and committed donors such as yourself. Thank you for your past support.

We volunteer every second Saturday of the month to build community support for our programs in nutrition, education and health in South India.


Providing nutrition to differently-abled adults
We support children with educational scholarships and equipment
We support nursing students with scholarships and educational equipment


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