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We are a Canadian International Charity that connects with some of the most disenfranchised individual, families and small communitieUnloading Trees Destined for Reforestations in southern India and in disaster struck areas around the world.

In South India we have nine programs in two thematic groups supporting health care and education.  We work with three registered charitable trusts to assist individuals, families and small communities to create the opportunities afforded by better health care and improved education.  The regional demand for improved health care and education is staggering and can only be met if we continue to build a self-sustaining network in a multi-generational timeframe. We make the most impact by directly supporting people through our medical and educational programs.

WorldwidCSLG14NursingScholarships4e we provide relief to people trapped in humanitarian disasters such as the Syrian Refugee Exodus.  We work with accredited Canadian Organizations like The Canadian Red Cross to get aid where it is needed the most.

We are all volunteers and education, training, medical equipment and building a vital network within our partner organizations provide the chance for

a new life, a new future for our beneficiaries. Almost every dollar donated to our programs results in a dollar being spent in South India or with our worldwide partners.  We invite you to contribute your time, skills and financial resources to support our dream of improving self-sufficiency and improving opportunities to become a reality, one person at a time.

OSnapshot 1 (22-04-2014 6-44 PM)pportunities to be involved:

Sharing your time with us at special events in Canada, in your community, in south India or in disaster struck areas of the world;

  • Fundraising Locally or Globally
  • Volunteering your skills at fundraising;
  • Sharing your skills – computer skills, writing, artwork, newsletters, special events…
  • Sharing this information with your family, friends and community; and/or
  • Sharing financially – by donating funds either through lump sum or regular monthly contributions, by a special honorarium, through planned giving, or through your will.