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Visit to the Sneha Jyothi Special School

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Visit to the Sneha Jyothi Special School For Children With Intellectual Disabilites

With the support of Sri Narayani Peedam and under the guidance of Sri Narayani Amma we were driven into the forests of the Western Ghads. The 2 1/2 hour trip to The Sneha Jyothy Special School For Children With Intellectual Disabilities really touched our hearts. The children have come from a variety of homes and the streets where families were unable to care for them.  We heard stories about children like these ones being chained up, locked in rooms or generally loose on the streets.  We saw in this school the children were loved, cared for and offered a safe environment to learn in.  Disabilities ranged from minor comprehension damage to quite complicated multiple disabilities.

Canadians Sharing donated a computer with monitor and keyboard, a projector and large screen TV so the Medical Mission Sisters can keep in touch with the childrens’ families and teach the children basic eating and hygiene skills. The charitable group Hear Their Voices from Singapore donated great quality steel tables and chairs as teaching aids. We unpacked the equipment and had some lunch snacks together as well as a large cake which was served at the dinner meal.

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