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Prosthetic for Mr. Ganesh


A successful prosthetic fitting.

While in India earlier in the year I had the pleasant opportunity to meet Mr. Ganesh.  Mr. Ganesh is a very soft spoken man who lost his arm in an industrial accident. He had worked at a small home-based spinning mill and his arm got caught in the spinning machine, severing it just above the elbow. He had been identified by our agents at the Sri Narayani Peedam Charitable Trust as being a most worthy recipient and we gathered prosthetic prices and options for him. Through our Special Needs Program that supplies differently abled


Mr. Ganesh rides his motorbike with the help of our prosthetic arm and hand.

Adaptive Medical Devices we were able to design and build a prosthetic arm and hand for Ganesh. The cost was about $5,000 Canadian.  

Please help us give amputees like Mr. Ganesh the prosthetic that they need so that they can work again. Donate here or call Cathy to arrange for an e transfer. Cash is good too, especially if you are here in India with us in December 2015.