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Programs and Budgets for 2017

We are a Canadian Charity that connects with and supports some of the most disenfranchised individual, families and small communities in southern India and in disaster struck areas around the world.

In South India we have nine programs in two thematic groups supporting health care and education.  We work with several registered charitable trusts to assist individuals, families and small communities to create opportunities afforded by better health and education.  The regional demand for improved health care and education is staggering and can only be met if we continue to build a self-sustaining network. We make the most impact by directly supporting people through our medical and educational programs.

Worldwide we provide relief to people trapped in humanitarian disasters such as the Syrian Refugee Exodus.  We work with accredited Canadian Organizations like The Canadian Red Cross to get aid where it is needed the most.

We are all volunteers and education, training, medical equipment and building a vital network within our partner organizations provide the chance for a new life, a new future. Every dollar donated to our programs results in a dollar being spent in South India or with our worldwide partners.  We invite you to contribute your time, skills and donations to support our dream of improving self-sufficiency and creating opportunities to become a reality, one person at a time.


Your financial assistance is tax deductible in Canada and will be a significant contribution assisting people at their point of greatest need.  The table below shows our Programs and budget allocations for 2016.

Program Elements and Budgets for 2016 (C$)
Program Elements Budget C$
Medical Programs:
1.  Supply Basic Amenities: Supply food ingredients, clothing, livestock and basic housewares to relieve the effects of poverty 10,200
2.  Medical Equipment Purchase and Maintenance: Supply and install various hospital medical equipment 44,000
3.  Special Needs – Adaptive Medical Devices including: crutches, hearing aids, eyeglasses, wheelchairs, customized tricycles, prosthetics 8400
4.  Mobile Medical Outreach Program:  Purchase and provide via a mobile hospital  medicines, supplements and medical supplies delivered directly to under-served communities . Supply medical equipment like birthing simulators, stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, ultrasound machine, and weight scales to support the Mobil Medical Outreach Program. 8350
Education and Vocational Equipment Programs:
5.  Public Secondary School Scholarships:  Supports tuition, uniforms and educational supplies. 12,500
6.  Public Grade School Educational Equipment: Supply and installation of educational equipment like smart-boards and computers 7,100
7. Vocational Equipment: Supply materials and equipment to support our charitable partners training of poor families to increase family income.  Equipment like sewing machines, fabric and materials will be supplied. 5,000
8. Nursing College Student Scholarships: Supports tuition, uniforms and educational supplies for students entering or enrolled in the programs. 20,000
9. College of Nursing Library: Supply books, medical publications and library equipment to support the Sri Narayani Nursing College Library 1,400
Disaster Relief Programs Around the World
10. Emergency Humanitarian Disaster Relief: To provide food, water, shelter and basic supplies in times of disaster anywhere in the world through a registered Canadian Charitable Organization . 20,000
Total 136,950  

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