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Programs and Program Expenses for 2018

We are a Registered Canadian Charity that connects with and supports some of the most disenfranchised individual, families and small communities in Southern India and in Disaster Struck areas around the world.

In South India we have eight programs in two thematic groups supporting better nutrition, health care and education.  We work with four South Indian Registered Charitable Trusts to assist individuals, families and small communities to improve opportunities afforded by better nutrition, health and education. 

Worldwide we provide relief to people trapped in natural or humanitarian disasters such as the Rohingyan Myanmar Refugee Exodus.  We work with accredited Canadian Charitable Organizations including The Canadian Red Cross to get aid where it is needed the most as efficiently as possible.

We are all volunteers and we are building a vital network within our partner organizations to provide the chance for new opportunities with a new future. Because a charitable family yearly donates the operating expenses of the charity, every public dollar donated to our programs results in a dollar being invested in South India or with our worldwide partners.  Many of those dollars are matched by generous donors.

We invite you to contribute your time, skills and financial resources to improve self-sufficiency and create opportunities to realities, one person at a time.

Your financial assistance is tax deductible in Canada and will be a significant contribution assisting people at their point of greatest need.  Often your volunteer assistance can be recognized as well.

The table below shows our Program and Expenses for 2018.

Visiting the Emergency Department at The Sri Narayani Hospital
Program Expenses in 2018 in Canadian DollarsExpenditures
Medical Programs: 
1.  Supply Critical Needs including food ingredients, clothing, and basic housewares to relieve the effects of poverty at The Mary Charity For The Mentally RetardedC$5,254
2.  Supply Medical Equipment at The Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Center in South India including 1 Refractometer, 1 Eyewear Travel Set, Electronic Eye Charts, 13 Multi-treatment Chairs, 1 Blood Collection Monitor and 7 Blood Donation ChairsC$54,243
3.  Supply Special Needs Adaptive Devices including crutches, hearing aids, eyeglasses, wheelchairs, customized tricycles, and prosthetics
4.  Supply medicines and mobile medical equipment to support The Sri Narayani Hospital’s Mobile Medical Outreach Program which serves over 200 local villages.
Educational Programs: 
5.  Provide Public Secondary School Scholarships to support student tuition, uniforms and educational supplies.
6.  Provide Public Grade School Equipment including accessories for 1 smart-boardC$6,117
7. Supply Nursing College Scholarships to support tuition, uniforms and educational supplies for financially challenged students entering or continuing Nursing Programs.C$ 20,000
8. Provide Nursing Library Materials including journals and resourcesC$1,318
Disaster Relief Programs Around the World 
9. Supply Emergency Humanitarian Disaster Relief by providing food, water, shelter and basic medical supplies to the Rohingyas through registered Canadian Charitable Organizations.C$1200
A much needed color printer for the general office at The Sri Narayani Vidyalaya School
An Entire Computer Lab Outfitted With New Hardware and Software
Visiting with residents at The Mary Charity For The Mentally Challenged