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Volunteers make a distribution of rain-jackets and food to school children living in a remote mountainous region.

Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally is a registered charity that relieves the effects of poverty by improving nutrition, education and health care in South India and disaster struck areas around the world.  In and around Thirumalaikodi of the Vellore District, Tamil Nadu in South India our Medical Programs have several different components that address nutrition, basic needs, medicines, hospital equipment, special needs adaptive devices and rural medical outreach programs.  Our Education and Training Programs in the Vellore District have elements that include school scholarships, nursing scholarships, and school and college educational equipment.

Our Worldwide Emergency Disaster Relief Program supports existing Canadian organizations working on the ground providing direct aid in disaster struck areas worldwide. We support Rohingyan Refugees as they make their way to safer communities.

Locally we share by engaging volunteers and building awareness of the opportunities that can be created to benefit people that do not have equitable access to resources.


A distribution of blankets and food to several schools in the remote mountainous southern Indian forests to “Tribal” children.

Globally we share by engaging volunteers all over the world supporting charitable partners as we carry out medical, educational and disaster relief programs that relieve poverty and create the opportunity for social change.  Many of our programs involve small budgets that have the ability to touch many people. Our programming creates grass roots societal change by supporting one person, one family, one community at a time.

We work with several Registered Indian Charities who act as agents under our direction in India, Nepal and for Syrian Refugees as we administer our programs.  Our agents provide recommendations for our programs to


Free medical evaluation and medicine distribution in South India

ensure that the programs are meaningful at a local level by reaching as many people as possible at minimal cost.  Our worldwide charitable associates identify critical needs and provide organizational, administrative and distributive support as we carry out our programs.  We buy locally sourced items like food ingredients, housewares, clothing, medicines,  large and small medical equipment, medical adaptive devices, vocational training equipment like sewing machines, educational equipment and reforestation materials.


Volunteers helping to coordinate a delivery of trees for reforestation near Vellore, Tamil Nadu

Our charitable agents help to distribute the program items by donating the expertise, the venue, the logistics, the staff support and the documentation for each program distribution.  For example, Program 2 provides nutritional support for over five thousand people experiencing poverty yearly.  Our agents prepare the raw foodstuffs that Canadians Sharing buys in India and distribute the meals to needful rural residents.  Another example is in the various medical equipment that we supply to The Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Center near Vellore.  The hospital provides us with a list of their equipment needs and prices.  Through Canadians Sharing’s evaluations, we select the appropriate piece or pieces of equipment and purchase it directly from the manufacturer. Canadians Sharing arranges shipping for the equipment and the hospital arranges for the delivery, installation and warranty requirements for the equipment.  Our volunteers confirm the proper installation and operation of the equipment as well as the benefit from the equipment.

100% of the donation amounts for our Indian programs are invested in the direct purchase of items like food, clothing and basic housewares, medicine, medical equipment, medical equipment for people with special needs trees, clothing, nursing and grade school scholarships and vocational training.  100% of the donations supporting Rohingyan Refugees are given to our partner Canadian Charitable Organizations as they administer aid in those devastated areas.


A Red Cross emergency camp set up to provide medical aid to disaster stricken Nepalese.


Syrian refugees registering at Kos, Greece

Each of our 10 programs improves the quality of life and creates opportunities to share with people, families and communities who live in less advantaged communities of the world.

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