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Piggies From Heaven Are Off to a Great Start!

One of our Piggies from Heaven came back to us from Nathan’s house. It was full of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters and took some time to count. As I was counting the 400 plus pennies I realized that just 25 of them would provide the ingredients for a south Indian meal for a man or woman and 2 meals for kids. Counting became joyful, understanding now we were making a small contribution to help someone in need!

Piggies from Heaven was created when we saw the gratitude that 30 differently abled people shared with us when we donated about 3 months worth of food to their community home. They had run out of food and were joyous at our donation. Friends of ours were so inspired that they immediately donated more money so that we could buy and deliver additional food ingredients the next day. Just 25 pennies buys the ingredients for a very substantial south Indian meal.

We have many Piggies living with families now, feeding on pennies, nickels, dimes and spare change, supplying food for the disabled!

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