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Opening Hearts and Opportunities Worldwide

Relieving the effects of poverty and inequality by improving nutrition, education,  health care and our environment in India and where disaster strikes around the world.

We improve health for families by donating medicines, vitamins and medical equipment to support charitable hospitals in India.   Programs include Community Medical Programs that donate vitamins, medicines and medical supplies for basic rural health checkups.  

We improve education for underprivileged boys, girls and young women from rural backgrounds in India.  We donate grade school scholarships, nursing college scholarships and educational resources to underserved aspiring students​.           

We work directly with the underserved in India and with people experiencing natural or humanitarian disaster areas worldwide.  We provide  assistance to refugees and those experiencing poverty by providing medicine, medical aid, food, water, shelter, clothing, and basic necessities.​ 

We are a virtual all-volunteer organization. Volunteers contribute their unique skills to broaden the impact of our charitable work.  As a volunteer group, every public donation we receive  is invested immediately and directly into our Charitable Programs in India or  our International Emergency Disaster Relief Programs.  


Walk and Run for the Cause


For the past seven years, Canadians Sharing Locally & Globally has been racing with Charity Challenges hosted across Canada.  Walkers and Runners have generously joined us to support a better environment, better nutrition, better healthcare and better education in India. The Canadian Charity Challenge has now becoming our major event.  In 2022 we raced in person in Ottawa and in Calgary.  Contact us to support one of our awesome teams!

Our Urgency Campaigns

We live in an ever-changing world and there is so much charitable work to be done!  Our Urgency Campaigns seek to raise the quality of the experience of life for our brothers and sisters elsewhere including:

  1. Repairing our environment
  2. Equalizing access to and the quality of education
  3. Equalizing access to and the quality of health services
  4. Supporting people through natural or humanitarian disasters
  5. Supporting people suffering from poverty or inequality

And that’s just a few things that are happening with Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally!  Find out more by selecting one of our Urgency Campaign buttons.

How Can You Help?

We are an all-volunteer organization. Our goal is to continue building charitable impact through engaged volunteers.  Every public donation we receive  is invested immediately and directly into our Charitable Programs in India or into our International Emergency Disaster Relief Programs.


We appreciate your donation to improve nutrition, health care and education in South India and World Wide. Your support offers direct opportunity and encouragement to the people we support.


We invite you to contribute your time, skills and donations to support our dream of improving self-sufficiency and creating opportunities to become a reality, one person at a time.


We invite you to register with Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally for one of our Canadian Charity Challenge Walk and Run. Join our team or create a brand new team where you live! Register with this link.


We are a volunteer driven organization that delivers exceptional value in our programs with little overhead costs. Join us by raising awareness to help improve the lives of people in need in India and in disaster-struck areas around the world.

Where do your donations go?

We’re all volunteers at Canadians Sharing.  Donations are invested directly and urgently in the purchase of food and clothing, medicine and medical equipment, school scholarships and educational resources, and in restoring the environment in India.  Donations supporting Worldwide Disaster Relief, currently focused on the Ukrainian Crisis, are also invested urgently and directly with partner organizations working throughout Ukraine and surrounding countries.

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    Canadians Sharing Locally + Globally provides medical, nutritional, educational and environmental outreach in India. As an entirely volunteer-orientated organization with no employees, every donation is invested efficiently and directly into our humanitarian programs.