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Medical Programs


Dr. Balaji Nadagopal is the head of the Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Center. He has been key to developing the hospital all through the hospital’s development.

Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally partners with a registered Indian Charity in the Vellore
District of South India, Tamil Nadu State to improve local health care outcomes.  With the help of our charitable partner The Sri Sakthi Amma Health Care Trust we provide needed medical and dental equipment distributed to the 500 bed Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Center.  The Sri Narayani Hospital provides free health care to the Vellore District


The Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Center is currently expanding to a 500 bed hospital.

community. We provide and maintain medical equipment to support existing medical programs at The Sri Narayani Hospital which address the health needs of the local community.  The Sri Sakthi Amma Health Care Trust identifies medical equipment and maintenance needs to Canadians Sharing.  We select and purchase parts and equipment identified as a priority by The Health Care Trust directly from the manufacturer or supplier and have the item shipped directly to to The Sri Narayani Hospital with the warranty. The Hospital arranges the logistics and engages the equipment in existing programs to facilitate the expansion of medical services to meet growing new local demand.  Medical equipment includes dialysis machines, anesthesia work stations, wheel chairs, medical transport cots, crash carts and miscellaneous smaller hospital items. 



Wife waiting for her husband at The Sri Narayani Hospital ICU.