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Lets Make It A Million

Together we have raised almost ONE MILLION dollars for our charitable programs in India. You have completely outdone yourselves and made this year the best year on record for fundraising by Canadians Sharing.

In spring of 2021 the second wave of COVID engulfed India with astonishing severity and speed.  An overwhelming surge in COVID 19 admittances to hospitals, COVID infections amongst medical professionals, travel restrictions, tourist restrictions and closed businesses all created a perfect storm for our charitable partners in India.  Students education ceased and teachers and staff had no work.  As more and more people were laid off, money was scarce and food was in short supply. 

Through all of these drastic shifts, Canadians Sharing has been standing beside our partners and clients in India to help where we could.  COVID 19 continues to have a significant impact in education, health care and nutrition in the diverse neighbourhoods we serve in India. 

Thanks to the generosity of Canadians and generous people from all around the globe, Canadians Sharing has reached almost $1,000,000 in donations.  Substantially all of the donations have already been invested in emergency aid, health care, education, and the environment through emergency measures enacted by our charitable partners in India.

This could not have been accomplished without you. Thank you for digging deep and going the extra mile when volunteering and raising funds. Thank you for your generous donations that will be going to support much-needed programs in our world-wide community. Thank you for pulling together to achieve this great milestone. You did it! Congratulations everyone!

We’re so close to the million dollars worth of donations mark!  We invite you to join us in reaching our goal with your donation Here.
Or volunteer with us Here.