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International Humanitarian Relief for Syrian Refugees

Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally is working with the Canadian Red Cross actively in Europe, Syria, Iraq, Libya and throughout the region.  We work with the Canadian Red Cross because they are able to provide to us focused International Disaster Relief  on the ground without administration fees.  In other words every dollar we send to The Canadian Red Cross reaches our beneficiaries.  We are providing food, household items and life-saving health services to internally displaced persons.

Many refugees and migrants are in need of support in their journey migSerbiaregistration

and our partners the Red Cross of Canada has been responding in countries such as Greece, Serbia, Italy and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Red Cross volunteers are providing refugees and migrants with essential relief items such as food and water, as well as first aid.

 The Samir family crossed the border from Greece into the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, after travelling for 20 days through

TurkeMacedonia, Gevgelija, 26 August, 2015 Members of the Samir family, from Daraa in southern Syria, rest after crossing the Greek border. The family has spent 20 days travelling through Turkey and Greece and is in FYR of Macedonia waiting for a train north to the Serbian border. Thousands of migrants have cossed through Macedonia since the beginning of June, 2015.y and Greece from their home in Daraa, southern Syria.

They were covered in dust and they were tired. But when asked how they were, the father of the children, Abukushlif Samir (24), and his mother, Fendiye Seyid (47), break into huge smiles. “It is a little bit better here than the rest of the States. This is the first time we have seen the Red Cross and a Red Cross doctor. The baby has a cold and a sore throat. And she gave the other girl medicine for fever and diarrhea,” Samir says.


The family was being cared for by volunteers with The Red Cross of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia for the short time they were in the country waiting to catch a train north to the border with Serbia. They were given food, water, and hygiene kits, which include tooth brushes, shampoos, toilet paper, soap, sanitary pads, razors, washing detergent and towels.Nepal3Mth_nicolerobicheau_22

Your donation to Canadians Sharing can help a great deal right now.  Please give as generously as you can today!  Canadians Sharing will deliver a dollar in financial aid to the Red Cross for every dollar of donations we receive.





Because of the urgency of the situation, please consider forwarding this to your friends and friends of friends.

All your financial donations are receipted and tax-deductible. Your assistance and contribution go a long way towards helping in International Disaster Relief to mitigate the effects
of disasters that could occur anywhere in the world.