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Father’s Day Gift Suggestion

Father’s Day Gift Suggestion

Here’s a Father’s Day Gift Suggestion that gives HOPE to hungry families. Give food for Dads and their families in India by donating to our Emergency Food Fund that provides food for desperate families and their children NOW!  We’re a volunteer organization and your donation to Canadians Sharing today will go immediately and directly to our Emergency Food Fund for India’s Fathers.

India’s Dads have seen the highest average of new COVID-19 cases anywhere in the world.  The surge of infections has overwhelmed India’s already fragile health care system to the point of collapse.  India’s Dads are seeing an average of over 2500 deaths per day with close to 16 million recorded cases of COVID.  Many more cases are unrecorded and the situation is truly desperate for many Dads and their families in need. The surge in COVID infections has impacted availability of work and food security.  With much of India hovering on total lockdown, Dads working as day workers, who earn a family’s daily food with each day’s wages, have little or no food for their families.

Together we can put food on Father’s tables to ease this dire situation!

Make a donation now that will buy food for Dads in India to relieve the hunger COVID-19 has caused.  Help families get through this pandemic and create a glimmer of stability and hope for them.  With your donation TODAY we will give a Father’s Day gift of food to feed their families and their children.  

Donate For Father’s Day For India’s Dads

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