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Event: Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5K – Canada Running Series

Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5K – Canada Running Series

Race Across Canada With Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally

Pre-race Scotiabank Calgary Charity Challenge Team. Ready, Set, Go!

1. Race Virtually until May 31 for Ottawa’s Scotiabank Ottawa Mar

athon & Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend
2.  Race Virtually for Calgary’s Scotiabank Calgary Marathon & Race Roster
3. Race Virtually for Vancouver’s Scotiabank Half-Marathon & 5k – Canada Running Series October 1

Join us for one or all three events in Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver!  Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally’s Charity Challenge walks/runs have become a win-win-win.  Many of us are happy to walk 5km with a group of friends and cheer

each other on.  Some of us like to challenge ourselves by signing up for the 10km (Ottawa, Calgary only

) and Yes, there are a few keeners who have committed to running the 1/2 marathon in 2021.  We are all there to have a good time and to fundraise for the charity – the win, win, win!

WIN – You, the participants win by becoming fit.  From about April, we encourage our teams to

The finish line at the Ottawa Race Weekend 5K race

start weekly walks and runs in preparation for the 5km, 10km, 1/2 marathon and even the marathon.  It’s a GREAT way to transition from winter to spring to fall… by the time the runs happen, tulips are up in Ottawa and Calgary’s summer is just around the corner.  We imagine Vancouver will be as beautiful as ever from the end of June to September 30th.

WIN – The charity challenge is a great way to fundraise by contacting your friends and family to sponsor you in the runs.  It’s easy to do online and we are there to help!  In 2020, CSLG raised close to $100,000 and by adding a Vancouver team, we hope to double that amount.  Over the past 6 years, we’ve had teams in the Ottawa Charity Challenge (6x), Montreal Charity Challenge (1x), and the Calgary Marathon’s Scotiabank Charity Challenge (5x). To really celebrate and make 2021 special, we’ll continue our team in Vancouver for the second year!  We’ve heard that more than 6,000 participants are expected to walk or run  the Vancouver Scotiabank Charity Challenge 5K or 1/2 Marathon past beaches and mountains, to the finish line in Vancouver’s beautiful Stanley Park.  We’ll be there!

WIN – With the funds raised in the runs, CSLG bought several pieces of much needed medical

Run Calgary 2020

Thanks to our Calgary team of determined racers!

equipment for a charitable hospital in India.  (see newsletter below) It also supported the nursing college in India and supported efforts to help minimise the humanitarian crisis caused by the hurricanes in Central America.

Please contact for more detailed info