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Event: Ottawa Charity Challenge 2020

Ottawa Charity Challenge 2020

Ottawa Charity Challenge 2020

Join us for our premiere 2020 running event in the Ottawa Charity Challenge 2020!

Last year we had a great turnout for our fourth Ottawa Charity Challenge.  walkers and runners entered the 2 K, 5K and

10K races. Our runners and

walkers were supported by over

80 generous donors, many of whom supported multiple walkers for a total of over 95 donations.  Every donation we received will support our mission

of building a healthier and  better educated world.

Together we raised $ and had a lot of fun.  Let’s challenge ourselves to have even more participants and even more generous supporters and donors.

We’re running the very next weekend in Calgary as well.  If you live around Calgary, join our team of racers there too in The Calgary Marathon!


Grand total for Calgary and Ottawa was $

All of the proceeds will be invested 100% directly into our education and health programs in South India for our 2020 year. Want to join the race with us next year ?  Contact us at