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Asian Heritage Month

Asian Heritage Month

Celebrate Asian Heritage Month With Canadians Sharing

Celebrate Asian Heritage Month with a small donation to save lives and limit the spread of Covid-19 in Asia. In South Asia India has recorded the highest average of new Covid-19 cases anywhere in the world.  The surge of infections has overwhelmed India’s already fragile health care system and driven it to the point of collapse.  India’s Health Ministry  is reporting an average of over 3500 deaths per day and over 350,000 new cases daily.  There have been over 22 million recorded cases and over 246,000 deaths.  As India’s struggling health care system responds, many more cases of death and disease are unrecorded. The situation is even more desperate for many rural people suffering with COVID. 

We are supporting the well-being of South Asian front line staff, patients, and hospital employees

Canadians Sharing volunteers and experienced local Indian partners are supporting the well-being of South Asian front line staff, patients, and hospital employees.  We are accepting donations to purchase an urgent and growing list of personal protective equipment for hospitals. The covid caused situation on the ground in India is grave. PPE is urgently required to prevent illness and save lives! Urgently required supplies include hand soap, sanitizers and dispensers, N-95 face masks, gloves, gowns, face shields, bleach wipes and surgical masks.  We would appreciate your help now more than ever to save lives and bring the Coronavirus under control in India!

Donate now to save lives and limit COVID-19 from spreading

Help and donate NOW to save lives and limit Covid-19 from spreading even more.   When you donate to our Emergency Response Fund, you will protect the lives of South Asian doctors, nurses and you will provide better patient outcomes from COVID‑19. We’re a volunteer organization and your donation to today will go immediately and directly to our Emergency Response Fund For PPE.

“I cannot sit idly by and hear about such a tragedy when I know every dollar I donate will go toward saving people’s lives.” Donor’s Statement

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We’re a volunteer organization. Your donation to Canadians Sharing today will go immediately and directly toward our Emergency Appeal for PPE

What a donor has said:

“It is not very often in life that non medical people are given the opportunity to take action that will directly and immediately save the lives of others, and I am very grateful for being given this opportunity.  I know that 100% of funds donated go directly and immediately to purchase ventilators, high flow ventilators, patient monitors, cots, Syringe pumps – all for use in helping to save the lives of local residents that are being ravaged by Covid 19.  I know the hospital is a long established, highly accredited hospital located in a low income rural environment and they are pulling out all stops to treat as many people as they have equipment and medical staff to treat, regardless of their ability to pay.  

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