Annual Report for 2020

It’s Been A Really Impactful Year!

by John Wenuk, Executive Director, Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally

This has been a most unique year for Canadians Sharing.  2020 was filled with numerous challenges and incredible opportunities to maintain and even increase our charitable impact. In 2020 our rapid switch to becoming a fully virtual organization was completed. That change happened as we realized we needed to quickly put new programs and software in place to become accessible to a newly online world. Our whole volunteer team responded quickly to help us extend our reach to thousands of new households, both in Canada and India.

I think we’re a really unique organization both as a charity and an opportunity portal. By “opportunity portal” I mean that we present an opportunity to Canadians to be charitable in any way. We provide Canadians with an easy way to give and that ease of giving is really beneficial to the Registered Indian Charities we work with. Of course, the thousands of underserved people the Indian Charities support benefit as well from giving by Canadians who are Sharing.

I hope you enjoy our Annual Report!   Annual Report for 2020

Canadians Sharing Locally + Globally provides medical, nutritional, educational and environmental outreach in India. As an entirely volunteer-orientated organization with no employees, every donation is invested efficiently and directly into our impactful humanitarian programs.